Community and Special Events


Light bulb on U.S. money

We have a community give-back program that rewards your favorite non-profit group. All you have to do is shop, turn in your receipts to the group of your choice, and they get a check sent to them!

Our “Supports Oregon” program gives back 1% of your purchases to many different local groups. Some larger groups are the Oregon Public Library, the Senior Center, several of our churches, and many sports/rec and school groups.

Since 1996, Bill’s Food Center has given $514,277.85 back to the community! And in 2020, we gave back $16,007.67. Even during a pandemic, our wonderful community supported each other!

We are very thankful for all of you and proud to help out our local groups!

Special Events

Planning a graduation, birthday, anniversary, office, outdoor BBQ, anything-you-want party?! We’d love to help! In fact, it would be an honor to help you plan your special event. Stop by our deli or bakery and don’t pass by our EXTENSIVE wine selection — the biggest and best variety in the area! Call us at 608-835-3939.